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Here’s an article from Sunday’s media event

By Victoria Alexander
RED DRESS. “RED DRESS” written and starring “Zumanity” Cirque performer Wassa Coulibaly and directed by Loppo Martinez, is a bold and important work by an artist. Wassa Coulibaly grew up in a traditional home in Senegal so the story begins in an African village. A young girl is an outcast when she is discovered not to be a virgin. Meeting an American musician in the marketplace, she goes off to America where her life takes several dramatic turns. She ends up as a street prostitute and tells us her story.

Wassa Coulibaly pursued this project and ended up running and renaming a Town Square theater space Baobab Stage. An original cast member of “Zumanity” – she does the African dance segment near the beginning of the show – Coulibaly has enlisted fellow cast and crew members to help out. So, you know you will be seeing beautiful women highly skilled in dance. This is certainly not an amateur production either.

Lounge on the “Roman orgy” setting and check out Wassa’s amazing Red Dress Boutique. The Baobab Theater is very conveniently located next to Rave Theaters at Town Square. Ticket price ($25) is quite reasonable for a cast of Cirque performers.

What is different about “Red Dress”?        When “Red Dress started out, first as a poem or two and then as “The Art of Prostitution – shining a light into the dark” it was never a contrivance to be merely an entertaining play, no it was a deep feeling of compassion for the innocents in this world who are misused, disrespected, and manipulated with promises of a better life. The lives of these characters in the play could be any of us or our children, brothers, sisters. They are not bad, they are beings like us who live with hope, and feelings, dreams and desires. They would do well by their families and their friends, however they found themselves in a much different box than most of us.
So hats off to all these amazing performers and Wassa for the courage and tenacity to make this play happen. In awe I have witnessed the birth of “Red Dress” and this wonderful theater “Baobab Stage”, and hope that you all will continue giving your support and make it thrive. Nigel