Baobab Stage Theatre

WIMA PRESENTS “Woman in the Mirror” pays tribute to the Legendary Ladies of Music featuring recording artist Sandy Kastel and French singer Sylvie Boisel at the Baobab Stage Theater Saturday September 30th, 2017 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM. Together they perform songs of life, laughter and joy, stories from the heart and the many phases of love, passion and desire.

” Sandy Kastel is a wonderfully talented vocalist whose style is definitely rooted in the past. Soft and subtle, When I Fall In Love is a beautiful song made even better by Sandy ‘s smooth vocals. On her album, This Time Around, Sandy gives a stellar performance and ends with a terrific rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Bruce Von StiersBVS Reviews 

Recording Artist, Author and Founder of WIMA Sandy Kastel has been performing for audiences since she was a young girl in theater, walking the runway as Miss Nevada in the Miss America Pageant and headlining in towns across the country from Las Vegas to Atlantic City and LA to Nashville. 

A consummate performer Sandy Kastel has appeared in theater, commercials, television, film and concerts. Sandy’s songs have been licensed around the world. Sandy is a long-time member of BMI, The Grammys and Recording Academy.

Sandy’s passion for helping others succeed was instrumental in her founding WIMA Women in Music and Arts the 501(c)3 organization “Empowering Artists of All Ages through Education, Mentoring and Scholarships.” 

While Sandy’s interests are clearly focused in the arts, Sandy also enjoys investing real estate, renovating, designing and building homes. 

Extending her talents behind the scenes Sandy has produces and hosts “The Sandy Kastel Show” on WWDBTV, where she interviews local and international artists, authors, sports figures, celebrities and businesses in addition to featuring segments on design, cooking, health and beauty and staying “Fit and Fabulous Forever.” 

In 2011-12, after losing four members of her family in nine months to various causes, Sandy became a motivational speaker and inspirational author in the Life Choices book series “Navigating Difficult Paths,” “Pursuing Your Passions” and “It’s Never Too Late.”

In a recent interview Sandy said, “Singing has always been a passion for me. Both my parents were in the arts and I was fortunate to have a career in music. No matter what life threw at me I could always find a song or write one that expressed the feelings I was going through at that moment. Everything that has happened to me has made me who I am.” 

When asked about past challenges in her life Sandy’s eyes light up even brighter get that extra little twinkle in them as she smiles that contagious smile of hers and says, “My life has been a series of detours and it has all led me here to you today.”  – Sandy Kastel