Baobab Stage Theatre

The much loved Penny Wiggins  undergoes major surgery for her knee in February 2016 followed by months of rehabilitation. To help cover the large costs that are associated with this the Las Vegas Entertainment Community is coming together for an incredible variety show not to be missed!

The night will include some of the best local and international performers on one stage, including
The Amazing Johnathan
Penny Wiggins
Erica Vanlee & Kristi Toguchi
Johnny Dominquez
Stephanie Castellone
Anthony Rais
Troy Tinker
Veronica Manhattan
Dave Johnson
Stefan Vanel
Krystyn Lambert
Steve August & Maria The SnakeBabe
Chuck Lane
PiP Comic Illusionist (Australia’s Got Talent)
Antwan Davis
Kristy Gene Osborne
Heidi Thompson
Gene Sironen
Nicoll Dominquez
Emily England
Juggling Jennifer
Andrew S & Kelvikta (Swing Shift Side Show)
Mon Dre
And many more big name artists still to be annouced…

Tickets for this incredible line up are only $16.82 online or $20 at the door. If you feel this show is worth more than that (which it is) please feel free to also donate to this worthy cause when buying your tickets online or at the door.

We have many big name artists appearing on the night still to be annouced so please follow the event on Facebook to get updates or check back here for updates… or even better yet surprise yourself on the night with this incredible show.

Penny is known for her kindness and generousity to anyone who has been lucky enough to meet her. Her incredible energy and happiness radiates from her and is immediatly felt when she enters the room. She has always been so kind, supportive and helpful to anyone she meets and this is our chance to show her the same kindness back.

Tickets will sell fast so don’t miss out… See you on the night!

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