Baobab Stage Theatre


In life, we all experience those moments of doubt and fear that we don’t know whom we are or what to do and that reaching for our dreams seem impossible. With “Perception of Reality” women can join Dysonna on the journey to learn more about themselves and see that they are strong, fierce, and amazing. Dysonna will take you scene by scene to discover the power that lies inside you and empower all girls and women everywhere. Whether it’s learning how to be a “Phenomenal Woman”, or knowing that girls have the ability to “Run The World”, Dysonna takes women of all ages, shapes, and races to create a dynamic powerhouse of a show that all audiences can relate to.

The influence behind this theatrical art/fashion show is by the late and legendary dance choreographer, Bob Fosse, who is known to make women feel beautiful, sassy and courageous. Donna Dyson’s vision brings forth a myriad of arts all onto one stage. The show will feature artwork coming to life, a singer to bring you into the moment, dancers that pack a punch, models working the runway, and hit designers to show you the latest fashion trends. The show will feature some of the top designers in Las Vegas and Dysonna will host its Dysonna Gala 2017 where local designers can be nominated through social media for a chance to win Best Designer Las Vegas. Winners will be announced at the end of the Theatrical Art/Fashion Show. The dancers will be choreographed by Shelby Brown, who has worked with Dysonna’s production show for many years and who has worked with various performers such as Michael Jackson, Gregory Hines and even Keith Young. Our Hostess and MC for the night is Vegas local, Tai Lewis, singer & actress who currently stars in “Supreme Reflections: A Loving Tribute to the Supremes”, “Legends In Concert”, and produced her own show off her musical inspiration, Donna Summers. Dysonna will be partnering with Rainbow Girls Foundation, where girls learn they are strong, smart, beautiful and bold because women are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond every description.

Our debut show in Hollywood was a smash hit and guests from all over the U.S. have already purchased their tickets and are ready to see what Dysonna brings to Las Vegas. Client to Donna Dyson for 30+ years, Rita Robinson is the General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation had this to say: “I had a FABULOUS time at the show [L.A. show]. It totally lifted my spirits and took me back to a simpler time when Donna did these shows often. From the MC to the scenes to the music, dance, fashion and narration, the show was first class! I loved the mixture and texture of the various mediums. The show moved without drag and had something for everyone. Although I loved many scenes, I think ‘Wild Is the Wind’ was my favorite.” A

former model and longtime client to Donna Dyson, Sali Lewally thought the show “was full of creativity, energy and fun. As an ex model, I’m used to the models just walking the runway but this show was different. It was intriguing and got me looking forward to the next scene more and more.”

Donna Dyson, has been producing hit Art and Fashion shows since 1984. The Dysonna Theatrical Art and Fashion production benefits and help women and girls succeed in life’s struggles while empowering women to also follow their dreams, aim for the stars and attain their maximum potential.