Baobab Stage Theatre

Daniel Bellone

“Awakening Through Music”

Sanskrit Mantras Concert.

In ancient times, beyond entertainment, music was a powerful form of healing. Our ancestors knew the relationship between sound and the unconscious mind so they developed this technology of consciousness to send positive inputs that will in turn shift our realities. Our external world is only a mirror of our inner world, since everything is connected. Mantras can go directly to the source of the individual and activate an auspicious perception of life. This translates into positive feelings leading to positive decisions. When you take positive actions you move in the direction of your dreams, living a life full of joy and happiness. The purpose of my music is to merge two worlds: these powerful ancestral chants together with the hype of modern music and bring transformation to our lives at the same time we enjoy. There’s a thin line between these two worlds since we need to honor the sacredness of the mantra and at the same time express it in a contemporary way to cater for our modern ears. My music is a result of this journey of possibilities and exploration.
All the music that I do is for the purpose of Transformation and Awakening.
I believe this is the music of the future: “Music + Power” and something new is emerging.