Baobab Boutique is open.   Baobab Cafe is open. Baobab Theater is coming along.– Still in Town Square, only a few yards away from the original space.. For the last 6 years, you have been the best support for keeping this cultural stage alive. You’ve spent your time with us, browsed and bought Wassa Wear clothes, watched shows and supported the artists that have performed on this stage. Because of this we are looking to you all to come celebrate this opportunity of renewal with us!  Ask how you can help . Click on Picture of Cafe to enter

BAOBAB CAFE will be more than just a Coffee Bar, but more in the tradition of the World famous hangouts around the Globe where Writers and Artists, Singers and Songwriters can exchange thoughts and ideas as well as share their words and pictures and more.  It is up to you, our beloved supporters.   Meanwhile we will be working to bring the Theater back .Big Hugs to all.
I cannot wait to see and listen to our favorite Diva Duo in our new space. 

Baobab Stage brings the cultures of the World to the stage that you may learn about their arts, dance and music.  Here From Tahiti the very flexible dancers show off their traditional dances, wearing traditional costumes and dancing to traditional drumming




As much as we all need a good meal, fresh air and a good night’s sleep, we also need a place like Baobab Stage to fill the soul with the richness  of the arts and humanity and love that all of us come to share under the umbrella of this space named after this iconic TREE of LIFE.



6569 Las Vegas Blvd —  In Town Square  

 Now in our 6th year of sharing with you this stage under the care of the, ‘Tree of Life’, the Baobab .

Thank you for your continued support of local artists,  keeping creativity alive and well within the Las Vegas valley. We have several exciting events slated this month.